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How to players hit drives so much farther then me?

It’s annoyingly.  I have a 5 star prickle driver that is maxed out with enhancements and components.  I play against players with blue and green drivers that out drive me by 40-50 yards.  Makes no sense.  What gives?  

Taking that prickle from 5* to 6* will get you 20yds right there.  The other thing is components.  I have a grn prickle 6* and had it at 330yd carry w/114 gauge but unfortunately the needle is just too glitchy so I set it to 322yd & 100 gauge.  Don’t know how your components are but they are what sets the distances apart not the clubs...

I can't seem to get more distance from my clubs, I would like to have a tutorial to learn about this

The amount of stars, color ( color of traits some have orange strength or accuracy that follow the colors ( orange=hero, top of the colors, purple, blue green, plain ).   Try to keep accuracy 100 points  higher than strength.   Strength will add to distance, some people will go over 100% gauge  to get the distance.    Components also matter,   The vital set ( 4 components ) add 20% to strength you can add the focus set ( 2pc components  ) which add 10% to accuracy on your driver.   An top of the set benefits you want to look at their main function; ie: strength, putt, accuracy etc.   Same with their subsets.   On my putter I try to get as many components with putt has a %,  % is better than a plain number if they same stars/color.    Same with their subsets, I try to get as many with putt% or put# as primary/secondary subsets.  It will maximize your putt gauge.    Use the manager to mess around and add different components to see their effect.  You can filter by sets ( vital, focus, reveal etc .. and by piece ).   The manager is the best tool,  just mess with it.  It wont change anything unless you purchase the change.  

Also use the " ? " button, upper left for FAQ, it will explain the components.


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PS; put the REVEAL set on your putter.  Adds 20%, then primary components putt %/#,   Try to get as many components with putt %/# primary, subsets putt %/# listed first/second.  

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PSS; Also, get the black tee's completed in career ASAP.  So you can play invitations and get mystic components.   The invitations are sometimes given to you if you win a round on the black tee's.  It is also automatically given too any friends on your friend list.   Any time they play win or lose you get a mystic box.   Anytime you play theirs they get one.   You could have 15 friends play it 3 times each and you get 45 boxes.    So load up that friend list.


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PSSS;  also go into match and "view" the top player clubs and components see how they have theirs set up.   Look at the sets on their clubs,  ie: reveal, focus, vital etc.. I see so many who just have the backspin set on their clubs, I understand in the beginning they are the easiest to get but not necessarily what you want on your driver/putter.   

Peace, I think I'm done.

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There is very good info given in several posts here many of my friends have dropped off my list Cawz they proofed from the game but I need more thanks for the black tip .
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