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Appreciation to GM Mina and PS Teams

Just wanted to tell you Thank You for the gifts and keeping it fun for everyone! This event you had was really awesome. It’s not just about just hitting the balls but it is even more enjoyable because you’ve given us a chance to win something in other ways as well. I maybe speaking for most people when I say, I may not be able to spend too much $$$$$$, but I do whenever I can. And however much I do so, I will remember you giving us back with all these gifts. I maybe just speaking for myself but you definitely know how to keep me in the game. You make it hard for me to quit. Lol. Thank You again.

Hi! We are glad to hear your appreciation for us, and we are very happy to see you enjoying the gifts and the game. Please always stay tuned as we will be announcing more upcoming content and events for all our players. We couldn't have done this without you. :) Thank you again for your keep and kind support to us. We wish you all the best and good health! 

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Played this game for a long time and I don't spend anything, you also gifted me in the competition. To avoid spam I will hijack Wbbvirgo's thread, I would like to also thank you guys at Perfect Swing too, these types of competitions and events help to keep me hooked for sure! please keep them coming

Umm...KingDing. Who are you and why would you want to hijack my tread? And what spam? I’ve been a victim of cyber crime and my computer is safe. Are you insulting me or trying to scare me? If so I will report you. Besides all I did was thank the GM and PS Team. And I know how it is for business people nowadays so whatever we can provide for the game to stay active, I figured I should contribute a little here and there. Who is gonna pay the designers and programmers? Yeah it’s non of our business who does. But I care. Especially if I like something or someone. Please clarify what you mean by “to avoid spam, I will hijack wbbvirgo” I will screenshot it and make sure you are responsible if anything happens to my iOS.

Its just an Internet saying, meaning I will make my post in the same topic you made to save making a new one myself. No harm meant to you dude, infact I would like to congratulate you on winning too. Well done sir

Thank you for clarifying that. And I’m sorry I gotten defensive. TMI but I’m a bit traumatized by what had happened to me around 2016 to 2018 before. And words like spam hijack and hacking gets me freaked out. I don’t much know the slangs people use nowadays. Lol. And you’re right. You don’t need to spend extra to get better scores. In fact, all the games I’ve played and paid for, I didn’t get much better items. However, my friend Ive gotten to join in on the fun are having way more fun then I and getting better items then I. When they’re spending less to nothing. You probably have way better driver then I too. It’s luck of the draw and I’ve been unlucky. And I wasn’t implying that spending is better. I was saying my spending wasn’t for nothing because of the rewards. And I think of it as just contributing so fun never stops. Hoping that giving a little will get us more beautiful courses to play. I’ve played other golf games but PS is so different that’s what makes game interesting. 

I’m a beautician who are now just a stay at home cook. So I’ve got a lot of time on my hands. So when I get frustrated, stressed, I spend a little hoping for something better. It doesn’t always work. Like I said luck of the draw. But it’s just the girl in me hoping and wishing is all. But they DO give back in other ways so I was happy about that. Btw, I am not a sir or dude. Lol. But it’s all good. Let’s just keep it fun. Best wishes to you and good luck. ✌

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