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Drop item

What is a drop item and how to use it?

Hi Larry~! Thank you for posting here on our forums. Drop items can be Clubs and Components that you can receive after clearing the stage in Career mode. Once you received them, it will directly be sent to your inventory, and use them if there are suitable for you. 

How do I get the colored upgraded golf balls that I received as a gift

Hi Kenneth. To equip it, just click your character in the Lobby to go to the wardrobe. There you can find the Ball icon on the very last tab (after the golf bags tab). You can see different balls there, but the 2 balls received as gift were Viper and Blazefury. Click the ball you like then "Use". For confirmation that you are now currently using the ball, the "use" button will be turned into "equipped". If you have still questions about this, please send us a ticket so we can assist you properly. Have a Perfect day ~

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