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Shots 60-100 Yards are Broken

Shots from 60-100 yard DO NOT behave as they should. They appear to ignore elevation and wind unless it's extremely severe. There are times where a shot up hill and into the wind land exactly where I target. Below is a clip of me on Oak Hill white tees (where it shows the ball flight line) where I am on very level ground with a slight wind right to left. You can see that up to 60 yards it says my ball will land short. From 60-100 yards it says my ball will land long? How is that possible? I'm technically aiming further and further up hill, even though it's very slight.




I have also heard from many others that they notice this is well and it's costing them shots. I've also heard from others that have created support tickets on this. I myself submitted a support ticket and was told it's "behaving as expected" which cannot possibly be true.




This is NOT realistic in a game that claims to be as such.

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Would be nice to know in some kind of visual way how a short shot is gonna play out too.. sometimes it will chip.. sometimes full on pitch it and others it seems to be a shot between the two, thats the shot I think comes up short. On tiger woods games it would tell you what kind of shot your about to make (well it would allow you to choose), a flop, chip, pitch etc.. so you knew the difference, in this game its kinda told by stance but even thats inconsistent as it can switch between at the slightest power change, ruining your intended shot. Hope you guys look into these types of issues we have as players, especially since approach is one of (if not THE) most important aspect of golf. Thanks

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Here is another example of a 97 yard shot making NO SENSE what-so-ever.  This shot was setup at 97.5 yards and flew 98.  Uphill 15 feet into the wind.


Agreed king, hate it when I am too locked in and don’t notice the golfer switch and shot goes way past the hole.  There is a difference distance wise between where a chip vs pitch is played in terms of length from hole.  Here is a video of a wedge shot.  I know I’m using a ball but I still do not get how it can land 6yds further than distance hit?  It is as if game played for a tailwind which it clearly was not....Wedge

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I have posted additional comment with a video, last night....just waiting for it be approved I guess..

Hmmm, as have I Joe.  Now that I look my last post is not here.  Perhaps it was too damning?


Yeah don't think they are gonna show up. Oh well, think you saw as well, Ryan pretty gave 411 about these shots, seems to be working but still is unrealistic by the creators. But this is just one of many issues I have. For instance I'm on a tablet and after setting up your putt if there is a lot of break the golfer blocks the view of the hole when setting power/taking shot so it is just a guess if it's all correct, can't even tell if guide is in the hole. Just cost me twice on eagle putts today in Yatani clan. Haven't even mentioned all the needle skips as well. And I honestly think I'm about done with all this. All these issues are just taking all the fun away for me personally.
I thought I was losing my mind. Seems that my shots within this range have become more unpredictable than in the past. Shots going long, short, etc. There have been several inconsistencies in lie/wind well-documented since the game came out that one only has but to take notes of each of these holes and play the repeatable inconsistencies
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