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Shots 60-100 Yards are Broken

Shots from 60-100 yard DO NOT behave as they should. They appear to ignore elevation and wind unless it's extremely severe. There are times where a shot up hill and into the wind land exactly where I target. Below is a clip of me on Oak Hill white tees (where it shows the ball flight line) where I am on very level ground with a slight wind right to left. You can see that up to 60 yards it says my ball will land short. From 60-100 yards it says my ball will land long? How is that possible? I'm technically aiming further and further up hill, even though it's very slight.




I have also heard from many others that they notice this is well and it's costing them shots. I've also heard from others that have created support tickets on this. I myself submitted a support ticket and was told it's "behaving as expected" which cannot possibly be true.




This is NOT realistic in a game that claims to be as such.

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So I haven't really played with the new wedges in game but I did check the distances on Oak white tees and it does appear to be fixed.

Yeah I have played some…many are saying they see nothing…i see a difference definitely.  Wedges adjust more like hitting a iron…I am aiming further than I used to for sure.  Pitches/chips are really different but seem more consistent.  Again having to aim further than I used to but not getting balls that are all over the place distance wise.  Think so far where you would hit (talking chips) say 5yds short of pin now around 4yds instead….will post more if I find anything of note…

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Well I have to say at first glance the wedges seem to behave as they should now.  The calculations I would normally do for irons I can now do for wedges and the game feels way more consistent.  That is after only 25 holes or so.  I have to hand it to PS for listening to us and finally fixing this.  I also want to thank everyone who replied to this thread with similar concerns.  I think it helped get this done!

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Agreed, Sour. You gents, made some noise and it seems like they listened. How about the new forgiveness, lol

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I love the new forgiveness but we could use a bit more...

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Well as nice and refreshing this update has been (really like the wedges now and doing full overpowers with driver is much easier)…I still get really odd shots happening only in clan play.  Don’t know what to say, game will be fine match mode, career, jump in clan and stuff happens.  Just had 2 shots release on their own and my finger still on screen.  And of course they were bad misses cost a lot of yds.  So unfortunately it is break time for me after tomorrow, see you all…if I don’t make it back it was fun….

Joe, I’m not sure if this is the case with you, but that used to happen to me when I would play on my phone or my iPad with it still plugged in. For some reason the screen glitch and release while my finger was still on the screen

Yeah I heard that too some time ago…and have never played clan plugged in.  This update has been a rollercoaster ride for sure but I was due for a break anyway but was holding off…we’ll see..anyway enough of my personal junk…back to topic I have 55% backspin on my wedge and I am finding shots of 30-70yd.all I have done so far my wedge bounce and roll is in 5yd total range.  Also green side chips and pitches..I am aiming closer to hole than previous to update, I notice the wind direction is a bit stronger but also to be the main factor for how the ball reacts.  In other words if you have wind left to right but ground lie slope going opposite wind it doesn’t cancel the wind like you would think.

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