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Shots 60-100 Yards are Broken

Shots from 60-100 yard DO NOT behave as they should. They appear to ignore elevation and wind unless it's extremely severe. There are times where a shot up hill and into the wind land exactly where I target. Below is a clip of me on Oak Hill white tees (where it shows the ball flight line) where I am on very level ground with a slight wind right to left. You can see that up to 60 yards it says my ball will land short. From 60-100 yards it says my ball will land long? How is that possible? I'm technically aiming further and further up hill, even though it's very slight.




I have also heard from many others that they notice this is well and it's costing them shots. I've also heard from others that have created support tickets on this. I myself submitted a support ticket and was told it's "behaving as expected" which cannot possibly be true.




This is NOT realistic in a game that claims to be as such.

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Completely agree Sour...With wedge in hand I never know if there is going to be elevation or wind effect it is just a complete guess.  Have sent in tickets myself where a shot with a wedge to a uphill elevation and some headwind actually gained yardage!  Then turn around for instance today with a iron level elevation 6mph headwind and shot lands 13yds short??  Just would like some consistency.  But seems like every course has different set of wind/elevation calculations IMO...

Doesn’t fit in to the 60-100yd class but is a great display of the problem that this game has!  What is missing from this shot...?  Hmmm...just from where the ball ends up in relation to aim I would say the wind was completely left out of the shot.  Not only did the shot not get the additional distance from wind it did not receive any push to the left it should have.  Video

Here’s one that is opposite...yes I hit it a bit far but was guarding against coming up short with shot having 10’ elevation and 7.2mph headwind.  But if it had done what it was supposed to I should been no further than 10yd.  So last thing I thought would happen was when I hit it at 77.1yds for it to LAND at 78yds!  Again how does it gain distance in this situation???  I would love to know how this can happen.  The elevation should decrease the distance, the headwind should decrease distance so how does it increase....

JoeKuz.  I do think you needed to add a little distance to your shot here.  If I were trying to land this about 147 (10 yards short of the flag) I would add at least 10 yards to that to account for the elevation change of 27 up.  I would then subtract about 9 to account for the tailwind.  That would leave me hitting it about 147 + 10 - 9 = 148, not the 136 that you did.  As for the wind not taking it left clubs don't have that Aeroefficiency skill on them so I can't comment on how that might affect it.  But the ball did go a bit left of target for sure.

I agree. Shots at this length are completely unpredictable compared to other clubs or distances. Had an approach today. 88 yds, 3.9 direct headwind, 6 elevation. Hit it 80 yds expecting 10 yds bounce. Ended up 7.7 yds over the green. Video was not archived.
Actually sour I did want it to land at 136~137...As you saw wedge had 14 yds bounce and I wanted it just bit short so I didn't lose it long. But one more element was there was 4° of upslope against only 2° right slope + 8.8 tail/left wind thought that thing would be snapping much more left. I was going for shot to finish 5-6yds short of pin. There is another post I made yesterday just waiting for approval I guess I'll spoil it. It's a shot of 72yds front pin with 7.2mph headwind and 10' elevation this time I'm guarding from being short hit it to 77yds and it lands 80yds and leaves a 15+yd it actually gained yardage...
That yardage is definitely broken. I was playing career yesterday had a 78 yard shot to an elevated green, over 6 mph wind in my face. Wanted to hit I short because its so unpredictable in this yardage. Targeted 70 yards and flew 80, 2 yards past the hole. You can't calculate for shots that don't behave like they should. No other way to say it than it's just severely broken in that range.
And if Chuck Norris is disapproving you know something's wrong

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Would also like to add that this is the effect the erratic wedges have on us all.  Any other club in hand I’m very exact with calculations slopes, winds, elevation, etc (very similar to what Sour stated earlier) but when it’s a wedge shot I am NOT going by my calculation script.  Why is that?  It doesn’t work for wedges.  It is as if they have some other calculation code that seems to change for every single hole. So I find myself often going by what happened on holes when previously played but then trying use calculations,  what I get in the end is either a flat out guess with fingers crossed or some modified calculations that do not make sense.......And while we are talking about wedges one other thing I notice is a good shot using a wedge has a hefty yardage decrease compared to all other clubs.  Anyone else notice this or just me?

I agree Joe on wedges having some other code for how elevation and wind affect them.  I've learned to just ignore elevation and wind on shots 60-100 yards but for newer players or players who don't know this it is very very frustrating.

As for good shots I can't say I've noticed it affecting my yardage more significantly but I will have to pay more attention to that now.  I think I honestly never really know how far a wedge is going to go anymore so I probably don't notice it and just chalk up to the normal GOOFY wedge behavior.

Easy way to see it Sour just hit a good shot when near green 30yds and watch how short it comes up...

So I was looking at our discord and forgot about a conversation with Smashh & Kixaz
about this same subject.  Kix was saying he had to reduce his chips and pitches around greens by 2-3yds because they were going to far.  Smashh had told me, for wedge only, when shot is 3/4 shot of full he cut wind & elevation in half and then applied the normal calculations.  When it was a 1/2 shot disregard elevation, play it as level.  I left wind out of the 1/2 shot because he was still fiddling with that but unless it is a ton of wind he disregarded that on 1/2 shots and only wind direction was accounted for. Just some other perspective is all. Just what he did to try and combat the wedge wackiness.  Wish he was still playing....☹️

Would like to keep this alive because this is still a issue.  I have lost so many match mode games because the wedge problems it’s laughable.  Had 60yd shots that aren’t even on the greens!  I don’t know what the deal is but wedges have just become impossible to calculate.  Sometimes they ignore slopes but do have wind effect or sometimes it’s just the opposite or sometimes ignores both you just don’t know.  Maybe we could get some elaboration of what the problem is or if it’s even being a confirmed issue and is looking to be fixed....??

Agree. Please just confirm this is being looked into or give some clarification. Often I hit very short and end up only a couple yards away. If I hit what I calculate I’m over. Sometimes I end up 15 yards short. Guess game is no fun.

Never fails 100yd shot, perfect shot from fairway and I’m 10yd short off the green with only a crosswind.  Really wish there could be some response here??  Not going to continue too much longer contributing and supporting this game when it has a defect that is just being ignored....

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