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Lip outs and no good pulls

To many lip outs in this game and I spend money and cant even get 1 meteor club. Jeez

Finn it always the response u will get when asking about crafting it’s broke I don’t know how to get meteors to drop but I’m thinking if u ask or say anything about it u will never get one ive been playing little over half a year got one when I bought a $99 driver pack and one random other than that nothing I’ve spent over $200 worth in gems in one crafting session and still nothing and have done 700 epics in one multiple times still nothing I’m bout at wits end myself about to delete the app not worth it to me
And another broke thing is the fittings if u have a red or orange fitting good luck it’s more rare that clubs I think I’ve even messaged and asked about it and still no answer back
Game has amazing potential just need to fix the small things and I believe it will be the best golf game hands down

Hi there! Hope you are having a good day. We are sorry to hear that you have been unlucky pulling out meteor clubs. We suggest that if you feel unlucky today, stop and try again on the other day. If you are having issues in the game, please do not hesitate sending us a ticket so we can assist you properly. Furthermore, rest assured that this is still noted and we will forward it to the relevant department for further review and consideration.

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