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I am at my wits end! First, I really like the game, but am totally frustrated. For the life of me I can’t figure out what club to use when approaching the greens. I try to take into account the elevation and the wind direction and strength, but my ball either lands 10 yards in front of the green or I wind up with a 20 yard putt. What makes it even more frustrating is I will at times make a really good shot and end up within 10 yards of the pin. It is not through lack of practice either, I actually play this game in excess of 4 hours a day.i simply can’t figure it out.

I totally understand your frustration. I too share the weird situations where I have a 3 mph head wind and hit the 2.9 ft from the pin.  Next hole 4 mph head wind and use the observations from the last hole ie. 128 ft with 3 mph vs 134 ft with 4 mph head I am 14 feet short. My clan members birdie both, I birdie the first and par the next. Makes NO, NO, NO sense. What do they know I don’t???

Opps .....that should read yards , not ft.  Ha

I have had this type of thing happen. It is usually when I get mixed up and read the elevation wrong. Be sure to watch the elevation to the tee, which can be either up or down, sometimes by a lot. Also watch the angle of the ground where the ball is. It really makes a difference when it is a large number like 5 to 8. You have to compensate for both of those as well as wind and distance.
Same here and I was ready to quit but didn’t want to quit on my new friends or Clan. So I buckled down and did exactly what David in the previous comment said. Apply the balls lie (it’s angle
I have been doing that since I first posted, and it has been getting better but the wind, especially when you get say a 7mph wind and an elevation of 30 or better. I just can’t get it.
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