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Club development

I have been around for a while now and have learned some stuff and some of you have been so very helpful. I have also lucked up on some better clubs. I have a Meteor Iron 5***** with white background. Will hit level 35 today. I just got a Vixen Iron with orange background 3***. I don’t want to invest time and coins if what it takes to get the new Vixen to where I am with the Meteor.  I know the color progression, but not sure hoe Meteor White compares to Vixen Orange. Thanks as always for any advice you can offer.


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Hello there! This maybe a tough decision on your end, but we just would like to remind you that Meteor Club have higher stats especially when the level is maxed. However, if you think you can't still decide right now, you can keep and grind them both, then compare it in the future. By then I guess you'll know the best pick, Ducket.

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