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Yatani erratic lie angles

Why do side angle shots on the yatani course fly so erratically?

I constantly have had Perfectly hit 1 degree lie angles fly up to 30 yards left or right, or conversely, some lies up to 5 degrees fly straight - wtf.

Have lost all confidence aiming shots on this course and it’s basically hit and hope now, which is a real pity as it detracts from an otherwise great game.

Am I the only one experiencing this or is this a comman thing

Sounds daft.. but before you take shots look at the ball and your characters feet.. if the ball is lower than your feet.. the ball with veer right.. if the ball is above then it will veer left. The lie indicator is the ball to the ground and does not take into account body posture. Hope this helps.
Cheers King, I always go off the lie indicator stats (left/right and degrees) which is quite accurate on other courses and can be allowed for, however, for some holes on the Yatani course the lie indicated does not gel with the initial ball flight. Will take on board you advise and pay less attention to the indicated lie.
No problem, If the ground around the ball is visibly sloped or uneven.. chances are the lie indicator will need to be considered and taken into account in your shot.. but like I said, also take note of your body position and of course that the wind severity will also factor into the shot.
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