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Which club to Evolve first?

I currently have one five star driver and the rest of the clubs are four-star. My woods And the putter are maxed out at level 30. I am having trouble deciding which one to evolve to five stars. I only have enough 4-star clubs to evolve one of them. On one side it seems like if I upgrade the Woods I upgrade several clubs at once, but then I start wondering how much better would the putter be if it was upgraded ? Right now the range of my Vixen Wood is 160.2 to 182.8 yards and the Vixen putter is 1.1 to 18.2 feet. I am not far from maxing out my Irons (27/30) and my Wedge (29/30). I am not too concerned about the wedge as much. Any guidance/ suggestions?

Well, I decided to evolve my putter so now I have to get to work and strengthen it again.

Hi there David. We are glad that you've finally decided what you think you need to evolve first! We understand your frustration regarding this matter and we hope you are happy with the results. Just keep grinding, open boxes and craft some crystals so that you can get more clubs to be used to evolve your other clubs. Don't lose hope! Feel free to contact us (submit a ticket) whenever you encounter any problems while playing our game. Have a Perfect day!

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