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Clan League

Can’t get into my clan. I get message that Clan did not signup for Clan League!

Hello, we are sorry to hear you are having issues getting into your clan. Please create a New Support Ticket and let us know your username and we can help you look into this matter to the best of our abilities.

How does a clan not signup for play,makes no sense to me. I'm really asking cause I dont know And where do you sign up,can anyone sign the clan up

Hello there, Corby. Please be informed that the Clan Master and Vice Master are the one who's responsible to sign up for next week's Clan League. Every Sunday, when there is no Clan League, try to visit your Clan League tab and you will see a check box saying "Join the next week's clan league". Failure to check the box  before the start of Clan League will make your Clan not being able to participate in the week's clan league.

Trying to join a clan. Really like playing needs some guidance .thanks a lot .
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