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How do players get gold clubs?

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Hi Mary, you are able to get 4-5 star clubs from crafting Mythic Club boxes, and 3-5 stars from Epic and Crystal craft. Please take note that crafting is generated randomly. We wish you good luck to get a club you desire!

Why is it impossible to get an answer on coloured clubs.  I’m happy to progress through clubs and experience, but then regularly play one star players with gold or purple clubs with drivers firing 60 - 70 yards more.  So would you please, explicitly ,  tell me what I need to do to get a club which equals these players.  Thanks.

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Hi Paul, we appreciate you taking the time to send your concern. As we stated above, it is only randomly, and you can only have a chance to get decent clubs such as the Meteor Club from crafting Epic, Mythic club boxes, and Crystal craft. There is no number of crafting guaranteed to get one, but hopefully, you obtain one soon. 

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Created 50 clubs last week. 20 normal 1-3 stars with 18 one stars & 2 two stars. 15 epic 3-5 stars with 15 three stars. 5 mythic 4-5 stars with all four stars. 10 using crystal 3-5 stars with 9 three stars and 1 four star. 10+ previous mythic clubs all 4 stars. No random gold clubs? Yet I see other with 2 and 3 gold clubs. Not very random. I do notice that most of them are wearing purchased attire. Let’s be more fair actually make it random.

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Agree with all previous comments. I'm level 45, 2 red stars and I can't remember the last time I got to upgrade a club despite playing for several hours everyday, completing daily challenges I'm getting nowhere fast. Can't see things ever changing or being able to complete eagle's in career mode or get to the fair way from gold teas in eagle glen or asan. There needs to be a bit more rewards for loyalty.. Being told to just keep playing doesn't work for me.

I agree with all the comments above my players. I play against a guy that has five meteor clubs all six stars.  That doesn’t make any sense at all. You have to be playing for 25 years. Also, you can have a lot of gold coins but they’re not worth much in the long run.   I really don’t see how it’s possible to get meteor comes from epic or other boxes.

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Totally agree for me it spoils what is a good game. I don't expect to win every game but I would appreciate a fair fight I am also noticing that a lot of random meteor club owners are wearing clothing purchased in app. Coincidence!!!!
Just played a 2 star gold opponent. Fully clothed in in app purchases. Shirt, trousers, glove and shoes and he must be so lucky with his club crafting because every club he used in our game was a meteor.
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