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Type of club vs color

If you have two clubs with the same stars which is better type or color? For example blue trainer better than green vixen? 

Hi Mary! Thank you for posting your concern here in our forums. It depends on the stats they have. If it's for your Driver and Wood, you better choose a club that has a higher stats of strength so it can have a long-distance and can drive farther. Wood, Iron, and Wedge for a little strength and recovery stats. While the Putter for Accuracy. 

So the way I understand it then, type and color do not matter. Is taht correct?

You’re saying the name of the club and the color do not matter. Is that correct?

Hi Mary, thank you for getting back here. Yes, Mary, the stats or color stats matter most, that depends on what type of Club you'll be needing. Always look for the Club stats. 

You are not answering her question. She wants to know color progression verses *****. In other words, she is asking if a white 5* driver is better than a 3 * blue. If I understand correctly, the blue will grow or longer distances than the white, but you have to evolve to gain yardage.

Yes that is my question and also names of clubs, Trainer vs Vixen. 

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