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Club help???

I have been playing since the second week of July. I learn something everyday, but am so ignorant on a lot. I very much would appreciate some advice on where I need to be progressing on clubs. I evolved my Normal Prickle driver yesterday and have 5 stars. The rest of my clubs are all at Max30. I have a Vixen Magic Wood, A Normal Prickle Iron, a Magic Vixen Wedge, and a Normal Vixen Putter. I can evolve another club if I wish. Question is where do I go next. Also which order should I evolve, like putter first or wood first......etc. I asked Egalitarian Support for some assistance, but They just tell you to watch the videos. I have looked at the clubs of great players and they are so advanced I cannot tell the order they used to get better clubs. Last question is that it does not appear that the best in the game play Legendary Clubs. Is there a reason they stop at Prickle.  Thanks to anyone out there that can advise.

Hey Stratton,

Hope you’re doing well.

Two things to consider: club base stats (colors of the stats), and component stats. 

Best I’ve gleaned from other players is that the colors of the club stats matter more than the background color; although, with better backgrounds, comes more and better colors. An ideal club can vary, but most prefer the accuracy stat to be higher than the strength. My clubs are green strength/orange accuracy on driver and wood which allows me to crank up the strength without over locking the accuracy too much. Blue strength/orange accuracy can mean better length on club distance, but can drive your accuracy right up to 100% with great components. 

With normal clubs, you are likely to have a white base stats either on strength or accuracy, which will rob you of some good distance once your clubs are leveled up to five or six star. The boost these colored base stats give when leveled up grows exponentially. I have even grown a mythic 3* vixen driver that is green/orange strength/accuracy into a six star club that I currently use. I love it! 

Another thing to consider is components. A good balance for most clubs is to have two comps with strength % as main stat (top) and strength/accuracy in sub stats, and one accuracy % as main with strength/accuracy in sub stats. It’s good to know the tape comps are always acc+, ferrule comps are always strength+, and cap comps are always recovery (main). You still want all of these three to have strength/accuracy in sub stats minimum, if you can get them. That leaves the other three comps to be the strength%(2) accuracy%(1) you need. This will be great for these type of clubs. Be sure to note the bonus on the bottom of comps as well, as these can boost more (i.e. 4 V comps = %20 strength bonus on top of the already-applied stats, 2F comps = 10% accuracy boost). 

Some club ideal stats to shoot for:

Driver/woods:  green/blue strength, purple/orange accuracy, green/blue curl, white/green recovery (not important on driver), No backspin except on woods (you do want these to stop).

Irons/wedge:  green/blue strength, purple/orange accuracy, green/blue curl, green or better recovery (not important on driver), green or better backspin

Putter: white/green strength (not as helpful), blue acc (very minimum), purple or better putt (this increases your putt guide length)

For evolve order: driver, putter, iron before woods, then wedge. Otherwise you could end up with hideous gaps between clubs. 

Top players are evolving quicker because their clan wins earn them clan points, and gems. They open TONS of boxes. Also, they spend gems on stamina to level up exp on SS rounds. Buying 3* putters in match store can immediately evolve into a 4* club as catalyst for 4* clubs in the clan store. This is the best way to evolve quickly. I also play with 3* clubs in career and in SS (except for Yatani and Evil Glenn) to level into catalysts as well. 

As far as best clubs go, vixen and prickle are the same club in terms of base stats (correct me if I’m wrong), if they are the same color stats. Meteors are better in regard to base stats, I think, but not by much. They just tend to come with better colors in the right spots, most of the time. I’ve seen some of the biggest hitters playing with vixen and prickle. Truth is, you really could do just fine with a 280yrd driver. 

Hope this helps answer some of your questions. 

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Been trying to ask you questions. I think PerfecrSwing is blocking??.

Weird. Friend me in the game. We can chat there sometime. Just search my name

Sorry to be a pain........don’t have a ”search” option in friends??.

Go to community—>add friend—>search my name

I type name in and there's no search or send option.

What’s your in-game username?


In regards to the stat color. If I got a prickle putter with purple/acc and green/putt, will those colors remain that way forever, or does the color change after powering up or evolving it?
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