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Option to disable chat when playing

Some players abuse the chat to distract their opponent. An option to disable chat when playing would solve this annoyance. Thanks!

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Hi Catalunya, thank you for posting your concern.  You may disable the chat by tapping the disable chat button on the lower-left of your screen. Tap the box and the upcoming chats will be now invisible while you are playing. 

This chat (see image)

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Hi Catalunya, we are very sorry but we don't have a disable feature for the emoticon chat in the Match mode. However, we will take this as a suggestion and will forward it to the relevant department to review it and consider implementing it should it get approval from the developers. Have a good day!

I posted a comment on this topic several weeks ago, but Eagle Support hasn’t approved it yet.

Censorship is pathetic …

It is very unfortunate that Support won’t allow comments critical to the game’s publisher, which speaks volumes about that company …

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