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Clan Matchups

Eagle, It would be nice in clan matches if there was some type of rotational play so that teams can play against other teams instead of the same team time and time again. I get it right now that you are matching up by ranking as teams 1 & 2 play each other, teams 3 & 4 play each other and so forth. But in the 3 red star league we now have 14 teams included which will continue to add teams I am sure. There are only 3 teams that we have ever played which leaves 10 teams that we never have and never will with the current system. Adding this feature would bring more variety and fun as it would enable us to play against all of the teams instead of the same team match in and match out, which could get very old quickly.....just a though

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Another great idea for clan would be an additional Clan battle in the format of the Ryder Cup. To make this work, clans are pitted against each other after the minimum amount of players are registered I.e. 5 or 11. Each player plays a set amount of holes (could be 9 or 18) and after all players from both teams play; the players scores are pitted against a member from the opposing team (randomly). The winner between the two players could be determined by total score, holes won, or some score like current clan league. Once the winners from all pairings have been determined; a final score page showing the results from the matchups would be displayed for the entire clan (participants and non-participants) to view. This idea seems really flexible and will give a breath of fresh air to the clan league. Note that there could be a time limit set that players would have to get their matches in and if registered players don’t play within the timeframe, it would be considered a forfeit and that win would go to the opposing team. Obviously whichever clan wins the majority of the matches, wins overall. Let me know what you think; I have so many great ideas to help propel this game to the forefront of mobile golfing!

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I agree with this Ryder cup format because currently through the discord server we’ve been running a mini league where you play friendly matches against other people who register and top 8 from each group go into a knockout stage so I think a Ryder cup format would be good but would need to be implemented in the right way for it to work

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Hi all, we are so happy to see that you are sharing all of your ideas to us. Rest assured that this will be forwarded to the relevant team for review and consideration. Thank you so much for your love and continued support! Have a Perfect day!

I have just started playing Clans. I did pretty well this week and made a decent contribution. This morning I get a message that clan selection will be available in 19 hours?? What happened to me.?? The clan is still there but I have no way to play? Other players have 3 balls to play, I have none?

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I re-looked at the Clan page and may still be a member, but have to wait on “league”play????

Hi Wm Stratton, please be informed that there will be no Clan League every Sunday. The registration for Clan League is every Sunday as well to be able to participate in the following week's Clan League. 

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