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Connect app to tv

Can we connect this app on my iPhone with my tv

Just noticed that the person post above was made 9 MONTHS ago.....and so this probably isn’t gonna happen......(frowny face emoji)
That was gonna be my question. It would really be nice to smartcast this game to my tv instead of having to go buy a USB-C to HDMI cable & standing in the middle of the floor playing. Mirroring doesn’t work as you all should know, it just lags. Mirroring is mainly for streaming over WiFi (vids, pics, etc. to ur tv.) I would love to say that I’m very rich & I’ll go buy a nice big ipad or laptop but sadly I’m just comfortable. So please, help us veterans of this game out & keep us around longer by making changes like this. I’m already concerned that players are about to start quitting anyway because of other game issues. I won’t get into that laundry list of things. I’m sure you’re told daily. Thanks
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