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what is time store slot

Hi Paul, thank you for sending to us your concern. Regarding this, please be informed that these slots are optional and can be unlocked via Crystals and Gold. Once these slots are unlocked, more items will be displayed hourly. 

Please feel free to send us a ticket should you have other concerns. See you on the course, Paul.

I just got a iPhone 11 I can’t close the game I have to shut off my phone any suggestions

Hi Evanmeakis, we are very sorry to hear that this is occurring in your end. Please send us a ticket at, so we can assist you properly on this matter. We are looking forward to your message. Thank you and have a perfect day!

Just bought a vixen driver. Was trying to sell Curvey driver but it says locked. Do I need to do something to unlock? So I can sell Curvey Driver?

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Hi Monte Riley, you need to unlock the club first before selling. For you to unlock it, go to your inventory > select the locked club > you will see a lock icon in the UI and tap that icon to unlock the club. 

What are training clubs ? I have a bag of clubs when I start a round of golf. Why puchase an training club ?

I had gold stars and I don't have any now why is that

also I have up graded on driver but there are people hitting 260-300 yards why can" I

how do i upgrade from a trainer driver

What do the different crowns or “caps “ in clan mean gold and silver

Why don't you people ever return questions?????????????

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Hi David Stricker! Thank you for posting your concern about how to upgrade your driver from a Trainer. Please know that you can get other types of clubs by crafting Epic Club Boxes, Mythic Club Boxes, and Crystal Craft. These boxes (Epic and Mythic) can be obtained from Time Shop, Clan Shop (using clan coins), Honor Shop (using Honor coins from playing Match), and drop items from finishing Career stages. If you like to equip other clubs, from your lobby click the CLUB > Club Inventory (by clicking your equipped club) > choose a club > then equip. I also highly recommend watching this link for more details:

If you have further questions please contact us at

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If my friend is playing the game how can I find him to play against him? Thanks ….

Hi Sean! You can play with your friend by inviting him to challenge. Go to COMMUNITY > FRIENDS > tap the three buttons beside your friend's name > and then click the 'Challenge' button.

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