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Greens on approach

Hello all, Game is awesome, we all agree with that, but always room for improvements. One suggestion. Every time we aim the green, regardless the distance, we should see the green slopes. That's something really important to choose the right club and shot. Hope to see this improvement soon. Cheers.

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Great suggestion Antonio! Right now you can aim for a closer look but without the slope lines players may have to learn the greens the hard way. We'll definitely forward this to the team for consideration.

Thanks for your reply. We are playing five courses. That means 90 holes, with, at least, 3 different pin positions. Honestly it's a bit hard to remember 270 different approach. Also, all these 15/30 yards chip are always a guess, we cannot properly aim to hole out them without seeing the green slopes. Hope that helps. Keep the good job, Devs!
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