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Playing against Bots

This game is very frustrating.  How comes my opponents never seem to miss a putt. Don’t know where the rough is. And never get in bunker.

I would like all my opponents to be actual people who can make the same mistakes as I make. Otherwise very unfair.

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Hit and Hope.

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Hi King.....

Jkuz,...try this... say the hole is 200 yards with 21 yard drop, divide 21 drop by 3 = 7. Subtract the 7 from the 200 = 193.  Subtract (about) 15 yards for bounce and roll = 177 gauge shot. This is with no wind of course which don't

Wind factor 5 yds per 100yds pending which direction of course.  Takes some practicing to figure it out and club selection and distance per each player will differ but this will at least get you in the ball park. I'm still tweaking trying to get it perfect but usually get pretty close to hole.......

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Did you mean 21ft in your example...?  If so I was close.  I think getting the wind on big drops is more difficult to gauge.  And you are spot on, clubs definitely matter if using my driver or woods I’m looking at more like 20 yds bounce & roll but if an iron more like 10 yds...Have all W components (+30% extra backspin) so 60% total on irons & wedge, lose distance but 1 hop & stop no matter what shot.  Now if I could get my driver over 234 yds..ugh..

Agreed, now at gold star level 3 and the AI bots are ridiculous. Never a missed fairway, they do miss some greens but always par then hit it 2ft from the hole in playoff on a 300 yd par  By the way, their are no 300yd par 3s in real life. Also while I'm at it. why -60ft (whatever)down drop on every playoff hole. People are getting frustrated with this feature.......

Myself and members of our clan have kinda figured the drop-off out and are pretty successful calculating it. But many of the noobs don't have a clue and they are complaining and quitting the game because of this.........Just some info for you...........

Please explain "drop-off" as I am new to this.

I believe he is talking about the green being 60ft downhill/below (“drop off”) on tee shot which makes it difficult to gauge distance.  Myself I am new here still figuring things out but I have just been changing feet to yards as a starting point/ballpark figure.  So 60ft I would start with ball carrying extra 20yds but still have wind to factor in as well as what club, etc...But if gypsy is willing to share I would take his advice over mine...

Thanks for info Gypsy...But in your example did mean 21(ft) drop not (yd)..?  Or landing spot is 200yd where 177 is what you adjust too..?  Just wondering no worries.  And on the topic of bots I finally had the displeasure of playing Eagle Glen SS bots.  Absolutely ridiculous to make it that unfair.  That course alone is bad enough with balls landing center fairways and getting chucked to rough or sand, unreachable fairways from tee but then they have bots with 328yd driver carry distance!  Only 100yds more than me....Think I saw driver 5 iron to a 600yd hole I believe...

I’ve always put up with the bot players I feel good when I beat one that I’d out distancing me by over 100 yards off the tee. If you keep playing against these they will over shoot there puts too the green and overfly the greens and by carefully using your overpower you end up beating the several times with skill try it you should quickly see they don’t see there greens very well.

J, yes I meant if its a 21ft drop divide that by 3 (7) which would be deducted from the shown hole length at the top. 

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