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Match play

When playing Match play and your opponent deliberately times out why should I lose? I'm really getting tired of losing points to this process

Totally agree.  This has happened to me a few times.  What is the logic? Time outs by oppenents theme I should win.  

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Its to bad Eagle support wouldn't do something about it. They are only in it for the money

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Thanks for posting on the forums!  We are terribly sorry you experienced a loss of sync to the game. When it appears that the opponent has timed out and you lose, that is a sign that your connection to the game has lost sync with our servers. This happens if you leave the app while in a multiplayer game, or experience a drop in internet connection.  To prevent this, be sure to keep the game active at all times while in an online 1vs1 match, even if the ball is in the air or its the other players turn.

If you continue to experience issues while leaving the game open, please let us know, recording a video and sharing it is a great way to help diagnose connection issues.

I am telling you its not my connection.


Thank you for the reply.  We understand that you have a secure connection to the internet, we would like to help you diagnose the issue.  Something as simple as swapping apps to get a message may be occuring that is causing an irrecoverable sync with the match, we understand your frustration. Would you be able to record a video of this occurring to help us identify the issue?

I had an intermitent problem with Internet dropping out. Now solved hopefully. If it does happen though why can you not just void the game on restart as a loss is unfair.

I am still getting less time to set up than my opponents. I have the latest update, but it did NOT correct the issue. See the file......

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