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Going first

I know going first or second alternates, but it's getting so frustrating seeing the oponenents just copy your club, position against the wind and power. I've lost so many holes by people just feeding off my mistakes, wouldn't it be better to just hide Eachother power bars and even selection of clubs when taking your shot?

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Totally agree. Huge advantage to shot second. I think they should simply hide distances, club used and chosen landing spot
Played three play off in a row against the same Opponent and played first all three times. Lost all of them with shots copying. That's just unfair. Guys your game is great but that needs to be fixed.

Thank you for your valuable feedback.  We removed the target distance, and with version 1.1.0 released today, your aiming diamond is hidden from the opponent in match mode.

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Well done guys, much fairer now!!
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