Perfect Swing is now available worldwide!

The realistic mobile golf game from ESTSoft Inc has now rolled out to a worldwide release. Starting today players from around the world can join the action, so be on the lookout for new clans, and for a whole new level of international competition!

TUSTIN, CA 5/6/2020 - ESTSoft Inc is proud to announce Perfect Swing, a realistic online golf simulation, is now available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play.

It’s a perfect day, you have crafted the perfect club, set up the perfect approach, now it’s your turn to make the Perfect Swing! Choose the right clubs and time the shot perfectly in order to overcome the course hazards in Perfect Swing today.

ESTSoft Inc, known for making the ever popular PC MMO Cabal Online, is now teeing off into the mobile gaming space releasing Perfect Swing worldwide on May 6th 2020. Perfect Swing features beautiful 3D courses rendered in real time, advanced aerodynamics to calculate realistic trajectories of the ball, and a life-like IK animation system that brings the characters to life, and a variety of online modes.

Start with career mode which offers a single player journey through over 90 holes. Earn trophies and more rewards in Match play, real time 1vs1 competitive online golfing with another player. Join online Tournaments where you can post your score at your own pace, and join Clan League games to work together for common goals.

Equip 8 upgradable components, craft rare and powerful clubs, and match the 6 different component types together for bonuses to fit your playstyle. There are over 8,000 types of driver configurations alone!

It’s always a perfect day to play Perfect Swing. Begin your golf journey today and download Perfect Swing, and following us for the latest news.

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