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Club Names

I see that clubs have different names: prickle, vixen etc. What is the difference between these? Is prickle superior to vixen, for example?

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did you. Received an answer? I have the same question.

Thank you for the question! We are happy to answer.

The difference between the clubs with different names is that they started out as a different start rating.  Prickle clubs started out as 4 star clubs, and Vixen's started out as 3 star clubs. See this table for reference:


Original Star RatingName

Keep in mind though that a prickle is not always superior to a vixen! Generally their base stats are higher, but rarity comes into play too, rare or legendary Vixen with bonuses to a stat you like, for example Putt on a Putter, could be higher than a higher star rated club. You can always evolve your clubs to increase their star rating as well, so you might want to keep an old favorite if it has rare bonuses to stats you like!

I hope this helps clear it up! Let us know if you have any other questions, see you on the course!

Thank you, this help understands

Why are some of my clubs locked?

Gabriel Howells, clubs may be locked to prevent selling them by tapping on the Lock/Unlocked icon in the Club Details window seen when viewing a club in the Club menu. If you accidentally locked some, simply tap the icon as seen in the screenshot below to unlock it.

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Thank you

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So is an orange training putter better than say a green curvy? Do the names matter at all or just the rarity?

HI Grant! Thank you for commenting your question. The names of the club are the legends of how many stars they have. It is better to consider which has the better stats between them. Kindly visit our tutorial video below for more details about club stats:

Club Stats And Components - YouTube 

Have a nice day!

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