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Match Play Scoring

Regardless of whether or not my opponent has a higher score or is more advanced than me, when I win a game in “Match”, I receive 10 or 11 points. When I’m defeated, I’m losing 14, 16, 21 or 22 points. Can someone explain to me why this is happening? It’s frustrating beyond belief!

Thank you for reaching out to us, Cody. To explain this further, Trophy gained and loss when winning or losing a match is based on the Trophies a player has versus the opponent. You will gain more Trophies if you win against a player with much higher Trophies than you and you will lose more Trophies against a player with much lower Trophies than yours (you won't be matched with a player that has 150+ trophy difference). For more information regarding Match player, please click the link we have provided below and it will redirect you to our Knowledge-base. 

Match (Multiplayer) 

Hope we are able to clarify this matter to you, Coby. Please let us know if there's anything else we can help you with. Have a Perfect day!

Guys you need to fix another stuff on match play tie breaker. What's the point for a nearest to the pin to a 305 yards when one of the competitors has a 220 yards driver? Cmon let's make compositions fair!

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Your explanation of the scoring system is ridiculous. I have never seen a rating system so unbalanced, unfair and unruly than here. Tbh this game would be "perfect" if it weren't for this factor. Please change! How do I play one match, lose 21. Then get matched next game against the same player and win 14. You can only really play match while the majority of people in and around your trophy count. Otherwise you will be matched against players lower than you and be at a disadvantage 80% maybe more of the time. Please change this!!!!

Hi Bradley, we truly understand your frustration regarding this matter. However, please be informed that the trophy deduction is based on the trophy difference between you and your opponent, and of course, that would not exceed the 150 point difference. Furthermore, please allow us to take this as a suggestion and will forward to the relevant department for consideration. 

Feel free to check our article for more information regarding this matter:

Please stay safe and see you on the course!

@Eagle Support, I understand the 150 point difference you are referring to as the way how coins are paid out or subtracted after matches. The biggest problem I am having right now is that if there is no available player within the 150 point difference I cannot seem to find an opponent. I have let search continue for this reason alone and the longest it took before i stopped it was 1 hour and 22 minutes without finding a match. This is quite frustrating and I realize it is doing this because you don't want to match 3 star gold players against 2 or 1 star players. Maybe though something can be worked out to help eliminate the wait time.

Hi Gypsy, we understand your frustration and we are sorry for experiencing such long waiting time. Rest assured that we will forward this to the relevant department for further review and consideration. Thanks for bringing this into our attention. Have a Perfect day! 

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Good afternoon! I fully support Gypsy on the match play being unfair with the long par 3s to determine the winner. That being said, I think a way forward to ultimately determine the better player, a point system should be implemented. Here is my suggestion: Every match consists of two complete holes and each player is awarded an additional point per GIR and FIR. Their end scores will always determine who wins but the points will be the tie breakers. If after 2 holes, both players are tied in both score AND points, they will play a closest to the pin on a reachable par 3 to level the playing field between all players. Yes, this will lead to longer matches but will more accurately determine who is the better player and awarding the win to them. Plus, if this point system is added, so many more things such as statistics/achievements/badges can be implemented for FIR/GIR percentages. There’s a lot you can do with this idea if there’s a way to work it into the game. Let me know what you think! I’m always happy to give you all promising ideas. This is by far the best mobile golf game I’ve played and I hope the continued support and suggestions from the game community will help to steer the ship in the right direction!
Putting tips

Any good tips on putting.sometimes it is very aggravating.

In regards to match play and tie breaker. I think my thought on using handicaps in playing match play would be beneficial to all. People with money to spare in hard time like now are definitely favored over people with nothing to spare at this time. I like this game but food and family has to come first. People who buy drivers and other clubs definitely have the edge on others who don’t. If this game used a good handicap system to equal this out between opponents.

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The only other thing I would like to know about is how so many golfer with long range clubs can hit the ball so far, when pulling the slide bar back in the red zone ( all the way back ) and land on a perfect shot or great shot all the time. I played nine straight matches that different people hit great shot or better with max pull backs??????
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