Match mode will be moving to an ELO ranking system on January 20th.

Starting on Monday January 20th, Perfect Swing will move to a standardized ELO ranking system.  All players will start with 1,000 ELO points represented by a trophy icon. When playing against an opponent, the winner will gain ELO points and the loser will lose ELO points.  The matchmaking system will use the ELO score to find a fair and competitive match, players with a difference over 150 trophies will not be matched together.  In the event that players are matched with someone with a much higher ELO than them, more points will be gained and lost based on how far apart their ratings are. 

Every night rewards are distributed, and the bottom 30% of players will go down a tier, and the top 30% will go up a tier, as long as there are 300 players ready to create a new tier.  At the end of the week on Sunday at 10:30 PST, everyone's ELO score goes down by 100 points, with 1,000 being the minimum, anyone with less than 1,000 is brought up to 1,000 points again.

Playing a match against the AI or when a friend challenges you to a game, it will not affect your ELO score, but will still award Honor Coins.

We hope you enjoy this new competitive ranking system, if you have any questions let us know.

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