Forum Rules

Welcome to the official Perfect Swing community forums. We encourage friendly and open discussion of the game Perfect Swing and all things related. These are the forum rules, offending content can be removed at any time without warning, and offenders will be banned. The length and severity of the ban will be in response to the severity of the violation.

Official Perfect Swing Forum rules:

  1. We will not tolerate being rude, insults, harassment, or personal attacks, simply put be nice, treat others as you would face to face.
  2. Vulgar, discriminatory, or offensive language will not be allowed. Do not try to get around the language filters with asterix. Please keep it PG.
  3. Multiple new topics in a row, or repeatedly bumping a thread is considered spamming and not allowed. You are allowed to bump a thread once within a 24 hour period but doing more is considered excessive.
  4. Do not impersonate official Perfect Swing staff.
  5. No politics. Please keep political discussion off the board.
  6. No religion. Please keep religious discussion off the board.
  7. No trolling. Do not deliberately bother someone just to get a rise out of them.
  8. No referral links. You are welcome to discuss topics outside of the game on the Off Topic forum but referral links or anything that can be considered a pyramid scheme out of it.

Rules are subject to change so please review rules prior to posting.

In addition to these rules please check for sticky posts on the top of each sub-forum that may have specific rules to that forum. 

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